Dawn of the blogging age… eventually!

Having finally been given a blog, (as anyone who knows me knows I would never voluntarily set up my own blog), I decided to set the tone of what will eventually follow by changing the aesthetics of my site. After much deliberation looking at various different themes I decided that the appearance of the site was probably going to be less of an issue than the content, and maybe it would make more sense to actually post something so there is some substance to worry about the appearance of!

So here it is… a post, what next? well lets wait and see… but I can’t see myself taking to this with much vigour unless wordpress have an android app so I can do this from my phone! Talking of which for all those disillusioned Iphone lovers out there, (there may be at least two who will read this!), I couldn’t help but notice that your beloved exclusive idolised 3GS will soon be available on tesco mobile, taking the list of carriers up to 4… and making this handset as common as muck!

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