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Batteries not included!

Published on December 25, 2009 By Steve

If the previous post was the “before” pic of Christmas dinner, then I guess this would have to be the “after” pic. So here it is the real deal, Christmas dinner ala Ren’s mum, sausage, a mountain of potato salad… and yup the schnitzel type affair that is the Carp from the bath in the […]

Carping on, not gobbling away at Christmas

Published on December 21, 2009 By Steve

SO having been in Czech over Christmas before, their traditional dinner comes as no great surprise to me, but now having a blog, (the wonders of modern technology!), I thought it might be nice to share with everyone back in blightly! Over here Christmas dinner is somewhat different to back home in that it is […]

Cultural difference, difference of opinion or just question of perspective?

Published on December 17, 2009 By Steve

After a few visits to a Czech hospital you start to notice cultural differences between Czech and British attitudes, the main and most obvious difference has to be the attitude towards smokers… at a time when in the UK smoking has been outlawed from all NHS owned property and doctors are refusing to treat cancer […]

SCITT and Skidaddle

Published on December 15, 2009 By Steve

Sorry to all my avid blogging fans, (all 3 of them!), for not posting anything else sooner but it has been a busy couple of weeks, what with filling out gtp and SCITT applications, working in COOP at the weekends and shouting at kids during the week! Having finally completed my SCITT application, (for those […]