SCITT and Skidaddle

Sorry to all my avid blogging fans, (all 3 of them!), for not posting anything else sooner but it has been a busy couple of weeks, what with filling out gtp and SCITT applications, working in COOP at the weekends and shouting at kids during the week!

Having finally completed my SCITT application, (for those of you not in the know, thats school centred initial teacher training!), my final job before heading off to Czech Republic for Christmas was just to simply deliver the application to the Nottingham Wildcats arena, and as they are based just round the corner this appeared to be such a quick and meanial task that I thought why rush it… I can just do that in the morning before we head to the airport.

Now obviously if this was such a trivial task I would not be posting about it here, as that would potentially jepardise the 3 readers I have! So if anyone has been to the Nottingham Wildcats arena they may have noticed that one thing that they forgot to build into the stadium is a… no prizes for guessing… letterbox!

So how do you deliver a letter to an address at ten to eight in the morning when there’s no-one inside and no letterbox, and you have to get home, to get to the airport, to catch a flight, to get to your girlfriend home for Christmas? (so obviously absolutely no pressure on me at this point in time!).

Anway to cut a long story short, (or abbreviate a REALLY long story into a long story!) after hanging around in the car park having several phone conversations with Ren… in which her displeasure was made painfully clear, some bloke turned up in a Merc, after ambushing him as he went to enter the stadium he seemed happy enough to accept my envelope so back home and off to Czech it was!

So anyway in Czech now with a blanket of snow and temperatures struggeling to get above zero, using a PC that uses a Czech keyboard and Czech spelling… luckily there is an abundance of Slivovice and cheap vodka to help keep me warm and boost morale!

Was going to mention various other events of yesterday and of the week, including school plays, and pantomimes, but post seems to be getting a bit long winded now, so after boring you all half to death, time to wrap it up.

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