Carping on, not gobbling away at Christmas

Christmas dinner, as fresh as ever in Czech!

Christmas dinner, as fresh as ever in Czech!

SO having been in Czech over Christmas before, their traditional dinner comes as no great surprise to me, but now having a blog, (the wonders of modern technology!), I thought it might be nice to share with everyone back in blightly!

Over here Christmas dinner is somewhat different to back home in that it is fish, (traditionally carp), with lashings of potato salad, Czech style with mustard frankfurters, gherkins, parsnip and celariac.

Although it is possible to buy Carp already filleted from any of the hundreds of stalls that suddenly appear almost overnight in pretty much every supermarket car park in the country, the traditionalists will purchase their fish as is, stick it in a carrier bag, take it home, and leave it in the bath to clean it out prior to service. For true comedy value you can give the carrier bag to a foreigner to carry, forget you did that, and then go and wander around a few shops while they follow you with a bag that keeps moving around as if by magic… highly amusing for all concerned!

So for all those who didn’t believe me here’s a picture of dinner in the bathtub! I just can’t help but wonder how Christmas dinner would change in the UK if the same values were upheld? how many people would keep a turkey in the garden ready to slaughter as part of the ritual on Christmas day morning?! I can certainly see why the Czechs have fish for Christmas dinner instead of beef!

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