Too large for a FB post, so it’s back to the blog… with a rant!

So after nearly a year of paying extortionate mobile charges for ringing 0800 numbers I decided to contact Virgin media (again) to try and get the landline repaired… on the last attempt they asked me to try plugging in a different handset, but with only 1 handset this seemed to be an unnecessary expenditure so we left it!

After sending Virgin a warning shot when I advised them of the fault, how long we had had it, they’re previous response, my expectations for resolution (bitter disappointment) and suggested if they contact me about it they should be waving a white flag (I’m NOT paraphrasing for once… the email did say that!), the first signs were promising with the escalated complaints team contacting me and arranging an engineer to come out the next day between 8am and 12 midday, they also said they would call me afterwards to discuss reimbursement (very pro-active of them, I was impressed).

So my question now at 12.28 with no engineer or landline is this, what comes after bitter disappointment? I am at a loss to describe my feelings for Virgin media because I do not know what words to use to describe how let down and fed up I am… it is pretty impressive for them to exceed my expectations, when I was expecting bitter disappointment!

Since 12:28 I have also had no call from Virgin media’s escalated complaints team (again acting within expectations) but on the plus side the engineers who turned up nearly an hour late did manage to fix the fault in 10 minutes… an unplugged cable in the junction box!

The mind boggles at how such large companies that spend so much money attracting new customers can get away with such appalling standards of customer service… maybe if they worked a bit better at looking after existing customers they wouldn’t need to spend so much attracting new suckers!

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